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The Hunt takes viewers inside the much-misunderstood tradition of fox hunting. With unprecedented access to real hunts and their participants, this documentary film offers a fascinating look at this centuries-old practice. The documentary team joins a number of hunts across the UK, exploring the history and culture of the sport and the reasons why it continues to be so popular today.

Despite its rich cultural history, fox hunting has been maligned in recent years, with many critics condemning it as cruel and barbaric. The Hunt seeks to challenge these misconceptions and present a more nuanced view of the practice. The film highlights the careful regulations and protocols that hunters follow to ensure that the hunt is conducted humanely and with respect for both the quarry and the land. However, the documentary also reveals how legislation and activism have limited the ability of hunters to carry out proper fox hunting, resulting in the loss of a cultural tradition that has been an integral part of the British countryside for centuries. The Hunt provides a fascinating and thought-provoking examination of this complex and controversial topic, offering viewers a chance to see fox hunting through a new and informed lens.

The film features interviews with hunters and experts, as well as archival footage and stunning cinematography that captures the thrill and beauty of the hunt. The Hunt is a thought-provoking and visually stunning film that sheds new light on one of the UK's most controversial traditions, and is sure to be a fascinating watch for those interested in the history and culture of the British countryside.


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