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Invaders Welcome is a powerful and eye-opening investigative documentary that delves into the UK boat migrant crisis and the government's controversial system of housing immigrants in hotels. The film takes a deep dive into the secretive world of boat migrant processing, how and where the migrants are housed and exposes the hidden truths of the system.

The documentary investigates the government's response to the crisis, including the costly practice of housing migrants in hotels, which has been widely criticized for its lack of transparency. The documentary team follows the money trail to uncover the full cost of the government's response, which is estimated to run into millions of pounds.

Through a series of interviews with government officials, migrants, and activists, the film investigates what's really going on in those hotels. With unprecedented access to government records and migrant centers, Invaders Welcome exposes the true extent of the government's responsibility. With its hard-hitting journalism and fearless reporting, Invaders Welcome is a vital contribution to the ongoing debate about the UK's approach to migrants.


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